General Hospital Transcripts 2013

This is a list of the transcripts from General Hospital in 2013.

General Hospital Transcripts 2022 is a website that has transcripts of the popular TV series General Hospital.

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Looking for GH Transcripts 2013? Look no further than General Hospital Transcripts! We have all the latest transcripts from General Hospital dating back to 2007. Whether you’re a fan of GH since the early years or just interested in seeing what has been said on-screen, we’ve got you covered!

General Hospital Transcripts 2013: Introduction

Welcome to the General Hospital transcripts page for 2013! This is your one-stop shop for all the dialogue from the show, whether you’re looking for specific scenes or just want to relive some of your favorite moments. We’ve got everything from Sonny and Carly’s explosive fights to Liz and Franco’s wedding, so sit back and enjoy!

General Hospital Transcripts 2013: The Year in Review

It’s been another action-packed year at General Hospital, and we’ve got all the transcripts to prove it! From major mob war storylines to shocking character deaths, there was never a dull moment in Port Charles this year. Here’s a look back at some of the biggest moments from GH in 2013.


The new year started off with a bang on GH, as Sonny Corinthos found himself in the middle of a turf war with rival mobster Derek Wells. The conflict came to a head when Derek kidnapped Sonny’s son Morgan, leading to an explosive confrontation between the two men. Meanwhile, things were heating up between Jason Morgan and Sam McCall, who finally gave into their mutual attraction and shared a passionate kiss.


In February, things took a tragic turn for Patrick Drake and his wife Robin Scorpio-Drake, when their newborn daughter Emma was diagnosed with leukemia. The couple was devastated by the news but remained strong for their little girl, vowing to do whatever it takes to save her life. Elsewhere, Liz Webber continued her downward spiral into alcoholism, while Carly Corinthos faced charges for attacking Aiden Cassadine with a fire iron.


March brought more heartache for Patrick and Robin, as they watched helplessly as Emma underwent treatment for her cancer. Things took an unexpected turn when Robin began hallucinating that she was seeing stone statues of her late friends Stone Cates and Jake Spencer coming to life. In other news, Liz finally hit rock bottom after sleeping with Franco Baldwin (who had been stalking her for months) and losing custody of her sons Jake and Cameron.

April: On April 1st (no joke!), long-time GH fans were shocked when original cast member Ian Buchanan announced he was leaving the show after 15 years as Duke Lavery/Dr. Kevin Collins. Duke’s final storyline involved him being taken hostage by Anna Devane during one of Duke’s business dealings gone wrong. Also in April, Tracy Quartermaine learned that she had lung cancer, while Sam continued to pursue Jason despite his marriage to Elizabeth Webber.

May: In May 2013,…

General Hospital Transcripts 2013: The Characters

The year is 2013. The world is a different place than it was even just a few years ago. And General Hospital is no exception. The Transcripts for the year are full of new characters, old faces in new places, and plenty of surprises.

Jason Morgan: One of the most popular characters on GH, Jason has been through a lot in the past year. He was shot by Sonny Corinthos and left for dead, but he was rescued by his former girlfriend Sam McCall and nursed back to health. He then had to come to terms with the fact that he has lost his memory and doesn’t remember the last ten years of his life. But despite all that, he’s still the same lovable tough guy we’ve always known.

Sonny Corinthos: Another fan favorite, Sonny has also been through a lot lately. After shooting Jason, he went into hiding to avoid arrest. But he came out of hiding when his daughter Kristina was kidnapped and ended up getting arrested anyway. He’s currently awaiting trial for murder, but that hasn’t stopped him from being one of the most powerful men in town.

Sam McCall: Sam has had quite a roller coaster ride over the past year as well. She rescued Jason from certain death and nursed him back to health, only to have him leave her again when he regained his memory and realized he was still in love with Sonny’s ex-wife Carly Corinthos. She then got caught up in Sonny and Kristina’s kidnapping ordeal before finally reuniting with her long-lost father John McBain. She’s currently pregnant with Jason’s child and facing an uncertain future.

Carly Corinthos: Carly has also been through a lot lately. After finding out that Sonny had cheated on her with another woman while they were married, she divorced him and started seeing Jasper “Jax” Jacks again (her ex-husband). But Jax ended up leaving her after she refused to give up her dangerous lifestyle and move away with him. She then found herself caught between Sonny and Jason when they both came back into her life after regaining their memories (Jason had amnesia; Sonny had been suffering from delusions). Carly is currently pregnant with either Sonny or Jax’s child (she doesn’t know which one) and facing an uncertain future herself . . .

General Hospital Transcripts 2013: The Stories

As the world turns, so do the lives of those in General Hospital. The transcripts from 2013 tell the story of love, loss, and redemption that took place within the halls of GH during that year. From Jason Morgan’s return to Carly Corinthos’ downward spiral, there was never a dull moment in 2013. relive all of the drama by reading through the General Hospital transcripts from that year.

General Hospital Transcripts 2013: The Relationships

What would General Hospital be without its relationships? The hospital wouldn’t be the same without the love and support of couples like Jason and Sam or Sonny and Carly. These couples have been through everything together, and their bond is stronger than ever.

Jason and Sam:

Jason and Sam have been through a lot together. They’ve faced obstacles both in and out of the hospital, but they’ve always managed to come out stronger. Their relationship is one of the most enduring on General Hospital, and it’s clear that they’re meant to be together.

Sonny and Carly:

Sonny and Carly are another couple who have been through a lot together. They’ve had their share of ups and downs, but they always manage to find their way back to each other. They’re one of the most passionate couples on GH, and their love for each other is undeniable.

These are just a few of the many great relationships on General Hospital. These couples show us that true love can overcome anything.

General Hospital Transcripts 2013: The Controversies

There was a lot of controversy surrounding the General Hospital transcripts in 2013. Some people felt that the transcripts were not accurate, while others felt that they contained spoilers.

The accuracy of the transcripts came into question when it was revealed that some of the dialogue had been changed. This led to many people questioning whether or not the transcripts could be trusted.

The spoilers contained in the transcripts also caused a lot of controversy. Many people felt that they ruined potential storylines and made it difficult to enjoy the show.

General Hospital Transcripts 2013: The Legacy

It was a year of big changes on General Hospital, with the Nurses Ball returning and Sonny Corinthos being shot. Here are some of our favorite moments from 2013!

The Nurses Ball returned to General Hospital in 2013 after a five year hiatus, and it did not disappoint! The event was packed with performances from some of your favorite GH stars, including Steve Burton, Maura West, Rebecca Herbst, Billy Miller, and more. There were also plenty of surprises in store, like when Robert Scorpio revealed that he is HIV positive. It was a powerful moment that helped raise awareness for an important issue.

Sonny Corinthos was shot at the end of 2012 and spent most of 2013 recovering from his injuries. He had to learn how to walk again and deal with the fact that his son Dante had turned against him. But Sonny is nothing if not a fighter, and he eventually regained his strength and came back stronger than ever. He even got revenge on the man who shot him, Ric Lansing.

2013 was also the year that saw Liz Webber finally get her happy ending with Jason Morgan. After years of being torn between Jason and Lucky Spencer, Liz finally chose Jason and they got married. They are now one of GH’s happiest couples!

It was a busy year full of drama on General Hospital in 2013, but there were also plenty of happy moments too. We can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for our favorite characters!

General Hospital Transcripts 2013: The Future

The future of General Hospital is looking bright! In 2013, the show will be celebrating its 50th anniversary, and there are big plans in store to mark the occasion. The writers have promised that there will be lots of surprises and twists, and we can expect some major changes in the coming year. Here’s a look at what we can expect from General Hospital in 2013:

The Nurses’ Ball:

One of the most anticipated events of GH’s 50th anniversary year is the return of the Nurses’ Ball. This popular event was last seen onscreen in 2011, and it’s sure to be a spectacular event this time around. With musical performances, fashion shows, and plenty of drama, the Nurses’ Ball is always a highlight of the GH year.

New Characters:

As GH celebrates its golden anniversary, several new characters will be introduced to help ring in the occasion. Among them are Dr. Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati), mother of current villain Britt Westbourne; Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan), ex-husband of Anna Devane; and Caleb Morley (Michael Easton), a mysterious figure from Sonny Corinthos’ past. These three characters are sure to shake things up in Port Charles!

Big Stories:

2013 will also see some huge storylines playing out on GH. In one storyline, Sonny Corinthos will face off against his arch-nemesis Claudia Zacchara (Sarah Brown). This promises to be an epic battle, as both Sonny and Claudia are not afraid to fight dirty. Another much-anticipated story is the return of Abby Haverstock (Andrea Evans). Abby was last seen in 2007 when she left town after her affair with Jax Jacks was exposed. She’ll be back with a vengeance in 2013, and she’ll have plenty of dirt on her former lover!

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