How to Start a Tech Career: The Ultimate Guide

The tech industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. If you’re looking to start a tech career, this guide will show you everything you need to know. From finding the right training and education, to landing your first job, we’ll cover it all.

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Have you ever thought about starting a tech career, but didn’t know where to start? It can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have any experience in the field.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to start a tech career. We’ll walk you through the steps of finding the right tech job for you, preparing for interviews, and acing your first days on the job.

So if you’re ready to start your tech career, let’s get started.

Research Your Options

The first step in beginning your tech career is deciding which area of the industry you want to enter. Do you want to be a software engineer, a web developer, or something else entirely? Researching your options is essential to choosing the right path for you.

Once you know what area of the tech industry you want to enter, it’s time to start researching which companies you’d like to work for. Consider your values and what you’re looking for in a company culture. Do you want to work for a large corporation or a small startup? Do you want to be based in a certain city or region?

It’s also important to research the job market in your area of interest. What skills are in demand? What kind of experience do employers look for? LinkedIn can be a valuable resource for this type of research, as well as job postings on various websites.

Once you have a better sense of the type of role you’re looking for, it’s time to start polishing your resume and preparing for interviews. This process can vary depending on your level of experience and the company you’re applying to, but there are some general tips that will help you prepare.

Get Educated

The best way to start a tech career is by getting educated. Technology is constantly changing, which means there is always new information to learn. While you can learn some information on your own, it is important to get a formal education from an accredited institution. A degree from a tech school or university will give you the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in the tech industry. Once you have your degree, you can then look for jobs in the field. Many companies prefer to hire employees with formal education and training.


A great way to get your foot in the door of the tech industry is to network. Get connected with as many people as you can, both in person and online. Attend meetups and industry events, and connect with people on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. The more people you know, the more likely you are to hear about job openings and other opportunities.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to people you admire and ask for advice. Most people in the tech industry are happy to help others, and you never know what kinds of doors might open up if you just take that first step.

Start Applying for Jobs

The best way to learn how to start a tech career is by actually doing it. Start by applying for jobs, even if you don’t think you’re qualified. The process of applying will force you to learn about the different types of roles and companies out there, and you never know—you might just get lucky and land an interview. At the very least, the practice will make future job applications easier.

When you’re applying for jobs, don’t just focus on the big names. Yes, it would be amazing to work for Google or Facebook, but those companies receive hundreds of thousands of applications every year. Your chances of getting hired are slim, and the process can be extremely competitive and soul-crushing. Instead, try to target smaller companies that are growing quickly—they’re often more desperate for talented engineers and are willing to take a chance on someone with less experience.

Stay Up-to-Date

To get a tech job, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. There are a few ways to do this. One way is to read articles or books about new technology. You can also attend conferences or meetups to hear about new technology firsthand from experts in the field. Finally, you can take online courses to learn new skills.

Another way to stay up-to-date is to keep your existing skills sharp. One way to do this is to use those skills in a side project. This will not only keep your skills sharp, but also show potential employers that you are actively using those skills. You can also use online resources such as exercise websites and coding challenges to practice your skills.


Now that you know how to start a tech career, it’s time to put theory into practice. Use the tips and resources in this guide to create a solid plan, and you’ll be on your way to a successful career in the tech industry in no time.

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